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Order a pen with text | The best personalized (birthday/business) gift

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personalized pen with text | Unique gift

Choose the color, the personal text or name and we will engrave it on the ball pen. Free shipping and a beautiful case.


Gifts always help in making relationships stronger. It’s a great idea to give personalized pen gifts to employees, students, and anyone you want to influence. We have assured the buyers that they will get the best rates. We never compromise on quality and provide high quality pens in great designs. You can buy the personalized pens in a beautiful gift box. You can choose between 10 different colors and we will engrave the text you want. 

3 pens with your own text for only

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Weight: 5.1 grams Size: 13.5cm long, 1.1cm thick

Colors:White, light grey, dark grey, black, blue, orange, red, pink, green, yellow

Packaging: You can choose between two kinds of packaging.  Three pens in a hardcover case or packed per piece in a black velvet pouch.

Order a pen with name, nice present for a birthday of business gift.
Pen with text, the perfect gift

   Order now 3 customized pens for only €19.95

How many pens do you want?

Total Prices : €

Text (max 20 characters)
Text (max 20 characters)
Text (max 20 characters)
Also a perfect gift for a friend, colleague or new neighbors. Add one more for only € 3.75.


Order today and get the free hardcover case. For every three custom personalized ballpoints you order you get a free case. But we can also pack every piece in a black velvet pouch. Get the free soft or hard case

why a personalized gift?

There are many reasons of giving someone a personalized present. You can show colleagues that they are important to you or give your family a symbol of appreciation. You really give the people around you the feeling that you did an effort to get a beautiful gift with their own name/quote on it. 

personalized = exclusive

Personalized products have the amazing charm that can grab attention in a glance. You are an executive, a student or someone who keeps a pen with them, remember that even your ballpoint tells a lot about your personality. So, next time choose a personalized one. 

Gifting, a way of strengthening relationship

Gifts in the relationships are very important because it helps to express your love and feelings. To give someone a gift does not mean that a gift should be extortionate. Basically, it tells the receiver how much value you give to them. It not only gives happiness to the receiver of the gift but gift giver also become happy and content. The gift should not be measured by their monetary value but giving someone a feel that you are important in their life. Gift giving is a good source of strengthening relationships. It may be social relationships including family and friends, or working relationship.

Importance of corporate gifting

One of the best ways for the growth of any business is to create a smooth and healthy relationship with your clients. There are multiple factors through which we can build client relationship more successful but one of them is to give them a gift. The gift is something given to someone on certain occasion e.g. birthday, wedding and new year.

The trend of corporate gifting is increasing in today’s business as more benefits are related to it such as customer loyalty, growth, and building a long-term relationship between stakeholders and company. Corporate gifts can be divided into two categories, external and internal. The first one is giving gifts to people outside the companies such as suppliers or client. External corporate gift giving helps companies to attract prospective customers towards your product and services as well as retaining the old one and makes stronger your brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions

when will i receive the package?

We ship our perzonalized products from the Netherlands all across the world.

Country Days of shipping
Albania 4-7
Andorra 3-4
Aruba 5-7
Australia 5-9
Austria 2-3
Azores 3-6
Belarus 5-8
Belgium 2-3
Bonaire 6-9
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-9
Brazil 6-10
Bulgaria 3-6
Canada 3-6
Canary Islands 3-6
Channel Islands 4-7
China 5-9
Croatia 3-6
Curacao 4-6
Cyprus 4-7
Czech Republic 2-4
Denmark 2-3
Estonia 4-6
Finland 2-3
France 2-3
Germany 2-3
Gibraltar 3-6
Greece 2-5
Greenland 2-3
Hong-Kong 4-6
Hungary 2-4
Iceland 2-4
India 5-10
Ireland 2-3
Israel 4-5
Italy 2-4
Japan 4-6
Kosovo 4-7
Latvia 2-4
Liechtenstein 2-3
Lithuania 3-5
Luxembourg 1-2
Macedonia 4-7
Malta 3-5
Moldavia 5-7
Montenegro 5-7
Morocco 4-8
New Zealand 5-8
Norway 4-7
Netherlands 1-3
Poland 2-3
Portugal 2-3
Romania 2-4
Russia 8-14
San Marino 3-5
Serbia 3-6
Slovakia 2-4
South Africa 7-10
Spain 2-4
St. March 5-7
Suriname 5-8
Sweden 2-4
Switzerland 2-3
Turkey 5-9
Ukraine 5-8
United Kingdom 2-4
United States 3-6
Vatican City 5-7
how is the quality?

The pens have a really good German quality. It’s made of heavy strong metal (5.1 gram each).

what is the ink color?

The ink color is blue.

How many items can i buy?

The minimum order is three pieces and you also receive a free beautifull hardcover case. The maximum is 200 pieces. If you want to order more you can contact us and you can send the list of names/text by email.

how many character will fit?

We can engrave maximum 20 characters on the pen. If we do more we have to make the size of the characters to small.