Pens have the amazing charm that can grab attention in a glance. You are an executive, a student or someone who keeps a pen with them, remember that your pen tells a lot about your personality. So, next time choose your pen wisely. The pen should represent your style and personality. Awesome Pens is a well-known name in pen making industry. We craft our pens according to your needs and requirements. Our sleek design and latest model, is a must have grace symbol for everyone. Our Individual Personalized pens are made with high-quality stainless steel. These pens can be made in 10 beautiful colors, with any name or text engraved on them. With our most affordable prices anyone can have these pens. Now the question is, who should keep these custom engraved pens? The answer is, everyone! But to elaborate,


At school, children use pencils and pens to write their notes. You can give these pens to your children and students with their beautiful names and a motivational message. We have special personalized 3-piece pen set with gift box for students. These are perfect graduation gift pen sets to encourage your child.

Business Owners:

If you run a business, you must have a pen with you. What about having a pen with the name and slogan of your own business. This is indeed a great idea to show your customers that you are an authority, a brand. These pens are ideal for your business, you can order them in bulk, engraved with the name of your company. You can give these pens to your valuable clients and visitors, this works as an effective marketing technique.


Write prescriptions with our 2018 new design personalized pens. Keep them for personal use or for a free giveaway. We have so many engraving options. We can write your name and contact information on your pen. You can pick any color of your choice we will engrave it for you.

Our Engraved pens are high-quality, affordable and long lasting. We give a 5 Years warranty for all our pens. Our customers have always given us 5 star review. This shows the quality of our pens. We have already 780k million happy customers. The engraving quality of Awesome Pens differentiates these pen from other normal pens. You can also engrave your initials or any sign on it according to your choice.

You have two buying options, buy 3 pens in a beautiful gift box for €19,95

We have 10 beautiful color choices for our customers to make, Yellow, White, Grey, Red, Orange, Black, Cobalt blue, silver, Pink, Green.

€19,95 (3 personalissed pens)

How many pens do you want?

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Also a perfect gift for a friend, colleague or new neighbors. Add one more for only € 3.75.