Gifts giving is the best way to show someone that we value them. If someone gives you a gift, you’ll surely be happy and thankful. You’ll feel valued. But how to choose a best gift for someone? This question arises all the time when we try to choose a present to make someone happy. How about giving personalized engraved pens as gifts to those you care. They are easy on pocket, stylish, and above all, they have the name of the person or a small lovely message for them. What is better than having them remember you all the time?

What is special about Our Personalized Pens?

No matter how digital the era becomes, a pen is something we always need. But there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a pen.

Design | The feel of holding a pen should be easy and relaxed. Our pens are Aluminum chrome-plated with a high-gloss metal. This gives a stylish impression and confidence. The high quality color painted pens look good in the hands. The writing is smooth as butter, this will help in avoiding pain in hands and fingers.

Colors | You can choose from our range of 10 colors. Black, White, Red, Orange, Cobalt blue, silver, Gray, Pink, Yellow, Green. If you want all pens in any 1 favourite color, or all in different colors, you have the choice.

Awesome pens give your loved ones the value and care they deserve. Our customers are like family to us. The main asset we have is our  50.000 happy customers who shopped in our store, this shows the trust they have on us. Our pens are made with high-quality stainless steel and are individually engraved with names and texts. We give two choices to our valued customers, to buy the pens.

3 Pens in a Beautiful Gift Box

If you want to give someone a special gift of engraved pens, with different messages or texts on each pen, you can choose our “3 pens in a Gift box” option. The price for the gift set is just €19,95. This is the most affordable option as you get high quality elegant pen with engraving.

If an occasion is coming, or you want to give someone a pleasant surprise, Order Now. Don’t miss the chance to make your loved ones happy with  custom engraved Pens. We assure you that they will love this beautiful gift, and remember you all the time. 

Order 3 pens for €19.95