Gift receiving and giving is all about happiness. There are different reasons to give a gift.

Birthday is a portentous occasion in one’s life. It has to be celebrated every year. A birthday without gifts looks like odd. To make someone feel special, gift giving is the best idea. Everyone loves to receive gifts whether mature or young. On this important day, everyone wants to be with you and celebrate your happiness. By giving a gift you wish them success in life ahead.

The wedding is a social event. It is a combination of two families. It is one of the most important relationships in one life. Friends, relatives give gifts to the new couple. It is a good way of wishing them to spend happy life in future.  Partner usually uses gifts as a channel to express love with each other. This lets them know that their presence brings smile on their face and feeling happy.

On Valentines’ day lovers express their love for each other. They give gifts to each other like red roses, chocolates etc. A gift represents a symbol of love, friendship, happiness between them.  It gives them feel how important they are in their life.

Sometimes we make mistakes, letting someone become sad. In this situation saying just “sorry” is not enough. The act of giving gift helps them to build a better relationship again. It gives them a feeling that you are embarrassed by what you did and promise to be careful next time.

There are certain times when someone helped you or give favor in some matter. Give a gift/present shows a wonderful gesture to let someone know that you are realizing their efforts that he or she made for you.

To be graduated is an exciting event in one’s life. When someone graduated, it means that he or she is now ready to go in practical life. Giving them gifts helps them to feel that you are proud of them and wishing them to be successful also in practical life.

If someone you know is in the hospital you can cheer up them by offering a small piece of gift. It may be to visit them with a flower bouquet. It shows that you want them to get well soon.

Corporations want to promote their business. This can be done by giving customers, clients, and employee’s corporate gift with company name. This leaves a lasting impression on their mind about your products or services and your business get promoted.

When a person you know is shifted in the new house you can share their happiness by giving them gifts which may help them in everyday life.

Appreciation is recognition of qualities of someone. You can win the hearts of others by giving them gifts. Parents usually don’t want to like receiving money from their children so one can appreciate their efforts by offering them a piece of gift. Corporations appreciate their employee’s hard work by giving them gifts.

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